Dahabya is a type of sailboat rather than the name of a vessel. Simply put, Dahabya is a wooden boat, built on a steel hull and contains cabins for traveler’s accommodation. That is!
However, the devil is in the details. There are tons of technical details that make them different, cheap, inexpensive and in some cases, luxurious.
The style came to existence back in the 12th century when Egyptian aristocracy started extensive traveling on the Nile. It coincided with the development of a modern shipyard back in the 12th century that was built in modern day Cairo.
These types of boats enabled us to create Nile Adventure Tours, a group of signature tours & activities that we had developed over the years, since 2007.

OFF The Beaten Track

When cruising the Nile on board a Dahabya, you get a whole different travel experience. The Dahabya can dock anywhere on the Nile, giving us the chance to explore small villages, walk through the countryside and meet locals. Since 2007 we have been developing relationships with the local community along the Nile. This enabled us to create and design several travel experiences that are not accessible to the vast majority of travelers on the Nile.

Adventure Leaders

Types of tours we design require a special kind of guides. We like to call them Adventure Leaders. Unfortunately such guides are not easy to find for the simple fact that mass tourism had taken over the travel market in Egypt for decades. Mass tourism became the norm.
We worked hard on creating these travel adventures and our work would be in vain if it was not delivered through a guide with the same mindset and passion.
Training Adventure Leaders became an essential part of our product development. It involved many things including site visits to local communities and creating human connections.
We pride ourselves on creating a great small team of Adventure Leaders, both males & females, who can carry our message forward and benefit the local community.

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