Dahabya is a type of sailboat rather than the name of a vessel. Simply put, Dahabya is a wooden boat, built on a steel hull and contains cabins for traveler’s accommodation. That is!
However, the devil is in the details. There are tons of technical details that make them different, cheap, inexpensive and in some cases, luxurious.
The style came to existence back in the 12th century when Egyptian aristocracy started extensive traveling on the Nile. It coincided with the development of a modern shipyard back in the 12th century that was built in modern day Cairo.
These types of boats enabled us to create Nile Adventure Tours, a group of signature tours & activities that we had developed over the years, since 2007.

Dahabya style boat has 2 sails, cabins, kitchen, lounge & sundeck.

Unlike Nile Cruises, Dahabyas offer home cooked food and local dishes.

Dahabya can dock anywhere along the Nile giving you the chance to visit off the beaten track locations.

Dahabya sundeck offers a spacious space in relation to the number of travelers on board.

Dahabya can be have from 4 to 10 cabins. A perfect way of traveling for small groups & families.

Dahabya skippers are skilled natives who spent all their working career along the river. It is quite educational to have a conversation with them. They have a lot to share about the Nile.

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