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Responsible Travel

Gateway To Egypt supports tourism as a major source of income and employment but still feels directly concerned by the effects - both positive and negative - on Egypt’s heritage due to the extremely strong development of tourist activities and its adverse social and environmental impact.

When planning itineraries and new products, we are very conscious of the impact of these tours on the local communities. We are keen to involve local communities in our activities so they can benefit from travelers economically and socially.

With that idea in mind, we planned Volunteer Tourism journeys where travelers were engaged directly with local community development for a few days during their holiday to Egypt.

Similarly, our Walking Tours were aiming to take travelers off the beaten track to communities that are not directly connected to the tourism economy. Through these tours, we were able to bring these local communities extra income.

We invite you to experience Egypt and immerse yourself in a different culture, exploring the region celebrating the diversity of natural and cultural heritage, and put a cornerstone in the conservation and sustainable management of its environments. 

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