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Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel town is located 280 KM south of Aswan. it is reachable by either road or plane. Daily flights operate from Aswan to Abu Simbel and back. It is a shuttle service provided by Egypt Air and other local carriers. The frequency of flights depends greatly on the flight bookings. It can be one flight a day to up to 5 flights a day. Alternatively, it can be cancelled due to insufficient bookings.
The road journey is 3.5 hours long each way. We normally leave Aswan at the crack of dawn so we can return back in time for lunch.
Abu Simbel is regarded as a not-to-miss visit for travelers in Aswan. The site is utterly impressive.
The tour can be conducted in several time lines based on travelers requests.


The southern gateway to Egypt, as named by the Ancient Egyptians. Aswan has 1.6 million inhabitants. Unlike luxor, Aswan is a major administrative, industrial and commercial center. Therefore, boasting a better varied economy than luxor.
Similar to luxor, aswan has a lot to offer, however, international flight accessibility isn't like Luxor.
Aswan does not offer the same variety of accommodations as luxor. However, in terms of eco tourism, hostels & boutique lodges, aswan wins the bet.
The population is a mixture of Nubians & Arabs. Well, do not get confused, they are both Egyptians. We are talking here about ethnicity. The presence of thousands of Nubians makes Aswan unique culturally. This is a feature that could be explored in numerous ways when planning aswan positioning in itineraries.


The capital city with 10 million inhabitants according to the latest census. It is certainly an extremely busy city with its own share of traffic and crowd management issues.
When planning tours in Cairo, one has to consider traffic amongst other things. The choice of a hotel is not only based on the hotel quality. Sightseeing should be considered when making the overall decision of where your travelers would stay.
Cairo sightseeing is varied and, in recent years, keeps expanding, with more museums and sites that open up for visits.
A sightseeing package tour to cairo could be themed based on travelers choices.


The largest Mediterranean city with 5.4 million inhabitants. Alexandria had been always a major player in the history of cultures and civilizations around the Mediterranean.
It is highly recommended that your plan to visit the city extends for more than just a day trip. Many travelers fall in this trap, however, Alexandria deserves at least one night. If you can squeeze 2 nights, it will be great, you will explore at ease and make it a culturally rich experience.


The largest city in Egypt in terms of monuments. There isn’t a city in Egypt that has as many moments as luxor. You can easily spend a week in luxor and have a good day of sightseeing every day.
It is a favorite winter retreat for many British travelers due to several reasons, one being flights of course.
There are many ways of planning for luxor and it all depends on the traveler’s interest in history and culture.
Luxor population is 1.3 million.

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