The southern gateway to Egypt, as named by the Ancient Egyptians. Aswan has 1.6 million inhabitants. Unlike luxor, Aswan is a major administrative, industrial and commercial center. Therefore, boasting a better varied economy than luxor.
Similar to luxor, aswan has a lot to offer, however, international flight accessibility isn't like Luxor.
Aswan does not offer the same variety of accommodations as luxor. However, in terms of eco tourism, hostels & boutique lodges, aswan wins the bet.
The population is a mixture of Nubians & Arabs. Well, do not get confused, they are both Egyptians. We are talking here about ethnicity. The presence of thousands of Nubians makes Aswan unique culturally. This is a feature that could be explored in numerous ways when planning aswan positioning in itineraries.

A view from hill top looking down on a Nubian Village on the west bank of Aswan.

Nubian Village view from the Nile, Aswan.

Nubian lodges over looking the Nile.

Nubians likes their home exterior to be colorful.

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