OFF The Beaten Track

When cruising the Nile on board a Dahabya, you get a whole different travel experience. The Dahabya can dock anywhere on the Nile, giving us the chance to explore small villages, walk through the countryside and meet locals. Since 2007 we have been developing relationships with the local community along the Nile. This enabled us to create and design several travel experiences that are not accessible to the vast majority of travelers on the Nile.

Unique visit to Daraw Camel Market.

Lunch on an island. This is not your usual lunch locations while cruising the Nile.

Donkey barber shop. It is these unique moments that we strive for.

Visiting a local workshop where boxes and furniture are made of palm tree fronds.

Off the beaten track, heading into a farmer's house for some tea.

Unique moments. What a great balance this lady has, carrying a bucket of water on her head.

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