Volunteer Tours

Volunteer Tourism or Voluntourism is not a brand new type of tourism, but it is certainly new to Egypt. The extent of volunteering by tourists is cleaning the river bank from trash for half a day during the tour. This activity is done by one tour operator only.
We thought of taking this further and be true to the definition of Volunteer Tourism as stated by Voluntourism Organization. Short term volunteering is not usually a few hours, it can extend to a few days, where the travelers are dedicating part of their leisure time to benefit the community.
This article shows more details on our view and effort to create Voluntourism opportunities.
A group of 8 USA travelers visited this orphanage in luxor for 5 days. They painted all the walls of the orphanage and made wooden desks to help create a suitable study environment for the kids.
What was truly amazing was the impact on the boys in this orphanage in Luxor. They felt cared for and the fact that travelers visited them for 5 consecutive days had resulted in broadening their ambition to a better future and education.

Painting & Wood work restoration at an orphanage in Luxor.

Kids & young men from orphanage participated in all work stages.

Walls before we started the work.

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