Culinary Tourism

Sampling local cuisine is a favorite practice for most travelers. Building on this fact, we designed a culinary tour back in 2017. The tour involves sampling Middle Eastern cuisine rather than actually doing the cooking, although the cooking feature can be easily added should the need arise.
Since then, embedding the culinary experience became part of all our products now that we have the basis for it.
If this seems strange to you, know this fact: almost all restaurants located in tourist areas would offer you Mixed Grill dish as the dish of the day and every day…
The culinary tour journey was pretty educational for us too. We learned some amazing facts about our cuisine. For example, one of our favorite Egyptian dishes is called Koshary, mixture of rice, lintels, pasta & caramelized onion. Turns out this is an Indian dish that was introduced to Egypt during British occupation.

When planning your travelers' holiday to Egypt, we consider the Culinary Experience.

Fresh vegetable markets are part of the Culinary Experience we offer.

Egyptian Cuisine had been affected by all the travelers and invaders that came to Egypt, therefore creating a rich varied cuisine.

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