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The Full Story

Gateway To Egypt for Tourism Marketing and Responsible Travel Management is involved in all forms of tourism.

The Founders of the company each bring distinct individual expertise and background to the company, providing a unique mix of Egyptology, History, Travel & Tourism.

We decided to make use of our travel experiences under one mission promoting and developing responsible tourism with no limits as all forms of tourism ( leisure or corporate ) should be responsible.

We realized that this can be achieved by establishing a policy of cultural economic development that makes use of archaeological and cultural resources for alleviating poverty by monitoring the social and symbolic implications of such endeavors.

The first stage targeted the individual traveler.

We were encouraged with the fact that we have lived in and traveled to most of the Arab & Middle East countries which gives us an insider’s view of these countries.

Since then we have one mission: Help travelers to fulfill the aims of their visit to Egypt and the Middle East through delving beyond the surface of these treasured places to explore the hidden riches unique to each.

We believe that when the traveler uncovers behind-the-scenes culture, history, art, architecture, cuisine, and peoples of each locale, this would be the peak of their experience.

To ensure that we really serve the traveler we accompany them through every step of planning their trip and during their trip and help him unveil the splendors of these countries.

Throughout the years we have built an extensive network of resources in these countries with people, establishments, and organizations that share with us the same vision.

Our trusted resources allow us to offer traveler access to private collections, museums, universities, galleries, and the finest cultural institutions.

It also allowed us to gain the trust of the local communities of the various districts in these countries and gain their trust as their supporters and developers of their communities rather than be regarded as invaders of their valued varied heritage which allowed our travelers to break the cultural barrier and exchange cultural details with the communities they visit.

The second stage was expanding to corporate travel services and events planning and management.

From the beginning Gateway To Egypt has maintained a unique commitment to providing the highest level of personalized service to all of its clients. This was supported by our long-standing relationships with hoteliers, tour operators, and tourism officials. We negotiate air, hotel, and ground transportation contracts for our corporate and conference clients that match or surpass those of the mega-travel companies.

Gateway To Egypt has committed itself from the beginning to provide service, value, and customer satisfaction second to none.

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