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Luxor East & West Banks

Tour Details

Morning tour of the West Bank of Luxor. The tour will include visits to the tombs of the pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings and the mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut finally view the Colossi of Memnon.

Valley of the Kings

The valley was used as the ancient burial ground for the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt during the most glorious years of it’s history. The tombs were stalked with an incredible amount of gold treasures which were the property of the pharaohs, however, all but one had been stolen in the ancient times.

Tut-Ankh-Amun Tomb

The only surviving intact burial of a pharaoh in the valley of the kings. it was discovered in 1922 by the British archeologist Howard Carter. The tomb still preserves the king’s mummy and it is on display.

Hatshepsut Temple ( Dier El Bahari)

The unique temple of Queen Hatshepsut stands at the foot of the highest hill on the west bank. It’s mazing architecture makes it an essential visit while on the west bank of Luxor.

Karnak Temple

Located on the east bank fo Luxor, this is the largest temple ever built for a god in history. The temple has huge walls and columns, some with very well preserved scenes and colors.

Luxor Temple

Not too far from Karnak temple, Luxor temple stands in the city center overlooking the Nile. The temple is very well lit at night and offers great nightly views on the well preserved scenes carved on the stone walls.

Why you choose this package!

  • Fully escorted by Egyptologist
  • All tickets included
  • Air conditioned private van
  • No hidden extras
  • Lunch included

1 - Luxor,

Meet your Egyptologist at Hotel lobby. Tour begins by driving across the Nile to King's Valley. Your guide will take you through the valley of the kings and explain the history in details. You will pass by the visitor's center which offers a great insight into how the tombs where built. There is also a great documentary on the discovery of Tut-Ankh-Amun tombs. From Kin's Valley you will drive to the temple of Queen Hatshepsut. It is built at the foot of the highest hill on the west bank. The temple is built as 3 terraces and offers a great view of the whole city of Luxor, east & west. Continue to Colossi of Memnon to view the giant statues then drive to restaurant on the west bank to have lunch. After lunch you will drive across the Nile back to East bank to visit Karnak & Luxor temples.

Additional Info

  • Check In : 12 February, 2017
  • Check Out : 28 February, 2018
  • Duration : 8 Hours
  • Person : Minimum 2 persons
  • Availability : Daily
  • Price : $
  • Location : Luxor, Egypt

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